Two-tone lips are double the fun


For well over a year, our lips, that vital means of expression, have been hidden under masks, and mainly glimpsed by others via Zoom. Now, they are making a comeback. So a playful take on lipstick wearing, as per Ashish SS21, feels apt. Wearing two different opaque, matte hues on the top and bottom lip will really make a statement. Too daunting? Try a more prudent sheer option. Or a touch of pink in the centre of a red. Whatever you choose, have fun. It’s a look that doesn’t take itself too seriously and, ultimately, relieves you of deciding which lipstick to wear that day.

  1. Valentino Beauty, Rosso Valentino Matte Lipstick £40,
  2. Kjaer Weis Matte, Naturally Liquid Lipstick £27,
  3. Pat McGrath Liquid Lust Lip £29,
  4. Glossier Ultra Lip £14,
  5. Hourglass Velvet Story Lip Cream £35,

I can’t do without… Packed with antioxidants, this superb serum soon delivers noticeable results
Like most people, the products I use are a mixed bag: a cleanser from a niche label, an exfoliator from another, a serum from a lesser-known name, an SPF from, well, any brand that knows how not to make my skin grey… My skincare regime does not consist of a single brand. But if it had to choose, Skinceuticals would be up there. It falls into the ‘cosmeceutical’ category that, generally speaking, consists of clinically proven brands with medical-grade ingredients to resolve skin concerns. And Skinceutical formulations are utterly brilliant. They are particularly lauded for their antioxidants – these protect against daily environmental aggressors such as UV and pollution that age skin prematurely. The latest addition to the line up is Silymarin CF, which is made using the antioxidant compound taken from milk thistle. It also includes ferulic acid and vitamin C (both brilliant antioxidants) and salicylic acid (excellent for blemish prone skin). The serum (which eschews the idea that mature skin is automatically dry or/and blemish free) reduces oil oxidation – when oiliness comes into contact with oxygen and turns into blemishes – refines skin texture, evens tone and improves fine lines. Use daily post-cleansing and toning and expect to see tangible results in weeks. You only need a few drops, which at this price is just as well. Skinceuticals Silymarin CF, £145,

On my radar… Bliss for skin, a gel bronzer and sublime candle
Scent to inspire Calling all incense lovers seeking serenity and ‘a new beginning’. Le Labo’s latest candle, a concoction of resins, cloves, ambers and frankincense, is just the ticket. Le Labo Encens 9 Classic Candle, £52,

Good to glow Anyone who can’t work with powder bronzers will love this cream. It delivers a subtle finish and adjusting coverage is a breeze. It also now comes in a darker shade. Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream, £43,

In a state of Bliss Bliss Spa fans were bereft when the US brand left the UK. Now it’s back and its newly formulated, accessibly priced range has everything a solid skincare regime requires. Bliss Spa Skincare, from £9.99,