Sunday with Tim Peake: ‘I’m a dreadful chef, but I can do a roast’


What time do you get up? Whatever time my youngest comes bouncing into the room. He’s nine and has an uncanny ability to sleep in on school days and wake up early on weekends.

What’s for breakfast? We’ll make pancakes with blueberries and raspberries. We’ve got a little pancake maker – it’s fun and our two boys like getting involved.

What makes Sunday special? I don’t check emails. It’s a family day. We’re so busy in the week – even Saturdays are busy with school fixtures and swimming. So on Sundays we’ll get outdoors and do something together.

A Sunday roast? Yes, it’s the only meal I can actually cook. I’m a dreadful chef, but I can do a roast. Even if it’s chicken, it’s not complete without Yorkshire puddings.

What were Sundays like growing up? We lived in West Sussex, in a cul-de-sac with loads of other kids, so it was always fun. We’d play in the woods or go for bike rides. We pretty much ran wild, which was lovely, and my mum would make roast chicken – that’s always been my favourite.

A Sunday treat? Sausages in the garden. We’ve got a firepit. The boys are learning fire-lighting skills – I make them use a flint.

A special Sunday? When I came back from space I arrived in the middle of the night, so we didn’t wake the boys, but in the morning they came in and jumped on the bed to wake me up.

After dinner? We’ll watch a bit of telly together, to make a nice ending to the weekend. It’ll be whatever the kids are watching: The Mandalorian, King Arthur. I’ve got a sweet tooth and a soft spot for puddings, so we might have apple crumble with ice-cream as a treat.